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The first edition flaps are almost identical.  It of course does not say
winner of the Guardian Award (as she hadn't won it yet) and the price is
only £2.95.  In my edition (which is the book in Deborah's photograph) "Why
were they there?" is not a new paragraph.

The back flap has, in addition to what Joe writes




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Here it is! This is from the fourth (1983) reprint:

Front flap:

Gwendolen Chant was obviously destined for Great Things. The cards said she
was going to rule the world, though Cat, her brother, didn't see how that
was possible. He thought there must be some mistake. But everyone in Coven
Street believed in Gwendolen's future, including Mr Nostrum who was tutoring
her in witchcraft for nothing. Or so he said. Cat didn't care much for Mr
Nostrum, and even less for his brother, Mr William Nosturm, but he agreed
with them over his sister's powers. She was a very strong witch.
So no one was surprised when the elegant stranger – a Dark Stranger, of
course – appeared, and the two young Chants were translated from seedy Coven
Street to the grandeur of Chrestomaci Castle. It was very luxurious and
pleasant at the Castle. Cat would have enjoyed it thoroughly if he hadn't
been so terrified by Chrestomanci himself. Who *was* Chrestomanci?
Why were they there?
Gwendolen didn't waste time wondering. All too plainly, Chrestomanci doubted
her magical ability. Well, she would show him! At which Cat became even more
terrified. There was no limit to what his sister might do in this mood, and
something told him Chrestomanci was not a person to be trifled with. It was
even possible, though Cat could not quite believe it, that he was . . . an
*enchanter*. In which case Gwendolen might easily Go Too Far.

Winner of the 1978 Guardian Award for children's fiction.

Jacket design by Ionicus

ISBN 0 333 21426 9
Macmillan £6.95 net

Back flap:

"By now we can trust Diana Wynne Jones to sustain daylight magic with
aplomb, humour and total logic . . . employed to carry through a bold
intriguing invention, in which human frailties and idiosyncracies are
unerringly related to the distantly reverberating sounds of
myth-psychology." *Growing Point

*"Magic is tricky stuff to handle, forcing writers to extremes. They tend to
rely either on gimmicks or on heavy symbolism. Diana Wynne Jones superbly
avoids these pitfalls. She manages to combine hilariously funny and
ingenious magic with a very credible and satisfying story." *Times Literary

"What different uses, one thinks can be made of tales of magic. Diana Wynne
Jones is intent on illuminating certain depths of human character, and of
the nature of the artist." *Times Educational Supplement

*"Diana Wynne Jones is as inventive as she is witty." *Sunday Times

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> Hey all,
> I got a request to the website today:
> "I came across the original Macmillan edition [of charmed life] in a 
> used book shop the other day, but unfortunately it was a library copy, 
> shorn of its jacket flaps. I was wondering if you have that edition in 
> hand, and if so, if I could impose on you for the copy (if any) from 
> the inside flaps? I wouldn't require a scan just a transcription, if 
> that helps."
> Would anyone be able to help out our requester? I think it is the 
> addition with this cover:
> http://suberic.net/dwj/pix/**covers/charmedlife3.jpg<http://suberic.ne
> t/dwj/pix/covers/charmedlife3.jpg>
> -deborah
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