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Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Sat Jun 29 14:50:08 EDT 2013

Coming briefly out of lurk to say:

> I know at least six people in England with an extra surname in their
> name, including my ex's family who use the maternal grandmother's
> maiden name for the penultimate name of a first son and the paternal
> grandmother's maiden name for the penultimate name of the second son,
> then work up through the generations if they need to.

My middle name is Devereux.  It was my father's middle name, and his 
father's middle name, and it is not too uncommon as a surname.

But it is not part of my surname.  No other member of the family has it 
(although my brother confusingly has the same middle initial).  I'm 
luckier than Diana in this respect - I almost never see my name as "Mr 
Devereux Belben", although it does occasionally happen, most recently at 
my German bank.

An interesting tradition seems to have arisen among some distant cousins 
on my mother's side.  At least four generations of the Lane family have 
had three forenames for the eldest son:  Charles, followed by the name 
by which the boy is actually known, followed by his mother's maiden 
name.  This started when William Lane married Margaret Daniel-Tyssen, 
and they called their son Charles Roger Tyssen.  Roger Lane married Anne 
Dowglass, and they called their son Charles Jeremy Dowglass.  Jeremy 
Lane married Margaret Huxham and they called their son Charles Steven 
Huxham.  Steven Lane married Debra Jersin, and their son is named 
Charles Miles Jersin.  Miles Lane is only twelve, so I have no idea if 
he'll carry on the tradition...

> It seems to be purely a matter of personal preference, like the spelling
> of any name, and ought to be respected as such.  Like not calling
> someone you've just met by a nickname, I suppose: someone is Helen not
> Nellie unless they tell you it's Nellie to friends, as it were.

I do try and tell people that my name is not Phil, but it seems to be a 
lost cause.  Nor is it Phillip, which I often get.  (To be fair, 
"Phillip" did appear on my birth certificate, but that was due to a 
clerical error - it was never my parents' intention to use the double L)


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