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I regularly used to go and reshelve her books in my local bookshops.
I also sighed over silly assistants who told me they sorted out childrens
from young adult, by the size of the font. Duh.

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> > >
> > > Nice article, but oh how I do wish journalists would stop calling
> > > her "Wynne Jones" as if "Wynne" were a surname.  It isn't.  It's a
> > > girl's forename from Wales.  The surname is Jones.  They wouldn't
> > > call Mabel Lucy Atwell "Lucy Atwell", would they?
> > >
> > > This mistake means that she gets put in two places on library and
> > > bookshop shelves and people don't know whether to look for her work
> > > under W or J.
> >
> > I have to admit I never thought of that.  I didn't know it was a
> > forename at all, and my understanding was that "Wynne Jones" was a
> > commonish two-part surname - not all two-part surnames have hyphens.
> > Was Wynne then her actual middle name?  And did she complain about
> > the way she was referred to in the press?
> Yes, it really was her middle name, and yes, she did complain
> sometimes and say it was a damn' nuisance, but a bit wearily after the
> first ten years or so. (in much the same way that people who own
> dalmatians put up with it when someone thinks that jokes about spotty
> dicks or damnation coach hounds are clever and original...)
> You can tell that Jones is the surname by looking in the front of her
> books, in at least some cases, where they give the Library of Congress
> cataloging-in-publication data and she is there as Jones, Diana Wynne.
> That is certainly in the front of the hardback Dark Lord of Derkholm
> (pulled at random from my shelf) for instance, though not some of the
> earlier paperbacks.
> It's just a long-standing niggle of mine, inherited from her.
> Minnow
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