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I agree that, as a USAlien, I assume that when there are three names,
the third name is the surname. I certainly never thought Ms. Jones's
surname was anything but 'Jones.' And I _did_ think that Alexander
McCall Smith's surname was 'Smith.' 

Live and learn. 

I think.

On Jun 26, 2013, at 4:54 PM, Martha Hixon wrote:

> Just wondering: is this a British custom, or am I just behind the
> times?  If a name is hyphenated, it's clearly a double last name, but if
> not, we here in the States don't make that assumption, as far as my
> experience has shown. When I got married (long, long ago), I moved my
> maiden name to the middle name position and took my husband's last name,
> but no one has ever assumed (to my knowledge) that my last name is Pittman
> Hixon when I write it out in full.--I am always simply called
> "Professor/Dr./Mrs Hixon. I admit I rarely write it in full these days, but
> I did it most of the time for years after I was married.
> Martha
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