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Wow, I always thought it was her mother's maiden name :)  We have a dog we named Winston, it got shortened to Win or Winnie.  Then Diana Wynne Jones died and a while after I started spelling the nickname Wynne, mostly in texts to family.   Finding out it was a first name was fine but that I've named my mostly black boy dog Wynne is hilarious :)  But he won't mind.  We try and be as un-gendered as we can in this day and age :)

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>>> And Alexander McCall Smith's surname is McCall Smith, I understand.
>> True, but very few boys have "McCall" for a forename, whereas Wynne is a
>> quite usual girl's name; it's in all the names books.  Wynne was a
>> pretty poor name for her as a name, since it means "fair" or "white",
>> and if there is one thing she never was even as a baby it is in the
>> least fair: her hair was black.
>So was Snow White's hair. But they didn't approve of fairy tales, did they?
>>  ButI don't suppose that her parents
>> gave much thought to the possibility that she might become an author,
>> so they are not too much to blame for that part of it.
>Maybe they did it in full awareness that "Wynne Jones" is sometimes a surname, and wanted to give her the option of being something other than plain Jones. They just didn't think about where people would split it.
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