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> >
> > Nice article, but oh how I do wish journalists would stop calling
> > her "Wynne Jones" as if "Wynne" were a surname.  It isn't.  It's a
> > girl's forename from Wales.  The surname is Jones.  They wouldn't
> > call Mabel Lucy Atwell "Lucy Atwell", would they?
> >
> > This mistake means that she gets put in two places on library and
> > bookshop shelves and people don't know whether to look for her work
> > under W or J.
> I have to admit I never thought of that.  I didn't know it was a 
> forename at all, and my understanding was that "Wynne Jones" was a 
> commonish two-part surname - not all two-part surnames have hyphens. 
> Was Wynne then her actual middle name?  And did she complain about
> the way she was referred to in the press?

Yes, it really was her middle name, and yes, she did complain
sometimes and say it was a damn' nuisance, but a bit wearily after the
first ten years or so. (in much the same way that people who own
dalmatians put up with it when someone thinks that jokes about spotty
dicks or damnation coach hounds are clever and original...)

You can tell that Jones is the surname by looking in the front of her
books, in at least some cases, where they give the Library of Congress
cataloging-in-publication data and she is there as Jones, Diana Wynne.
That is certainly in the front of the hardback Dark Lord of Derkholm
(pulled at random from my shelf) for instance, though not some of the
earlier paperbacks.

It's just a long-standing niggle of mine, inherited from her.


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