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The reason that age gap shows up is (probably) because McKinley is married to Peter Dickinson, who is twenty five years her senior.   Also a children's and YA author of some renown.

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>Oh yes, read Ghost Knight and Dragon Rider by all means. And for younger readers, Funke's picturebooks are funny and sweet and bold. 
>Another thing that troubles me with McKinley's writing (much as I like some of her books) is the pervasive theme of young woman marrying much older man. It shows up in many of her works (and in many other authors' works as well), and while an age gap isn't necessarily a bad thing, the recurrence of young female protagonist in her late teens marrying a man somewhere between ten and two hundred years (Beauty) older is slightly worrying. Because while such marriages can and do work out happily, historically and socially, older + male = power. So there's quite the power imbalance there, as well as other emphases on the lover as a powerful male: "Master" (Chalice - as Martha pointed out), king (The Blue Sword), captor (Beauty, Rose Daughter), teacher (Spindle's End), vampire (Sunshine), sorcerer... 
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