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Martha said...

> just wondering: in reference to McKinley's Damar books, what do you mean by
> ""it's a bit of a what they need is a honky"? Here in the States, "honky"
> is a derogatory racist term for a white person. I'm sure that's not what
> you mean, but I can't figure out your sentence :-).

It probably is what the OP means, actually.  The Damarians are described as
being dark-haired and brown-skinned (and are fairly blatantly, in "The Blue
Sword", equivalent to our-world Indian), while the heroines of both "The
Blue Sword" and "The Hero and the Crown" are pale-skinned foreigners.  The
books could be read as "those darkies can't sort out their own problems,
better get a whitey to sort things out for them".

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