[DWJ] recommendations

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Tue Jul 30 15:45:04 EDT 2013

> Cornelia Funke - not all of her work is great for younger children
> (or at least, not for those who like happy endings; I still don't
> like the Inkheart series). But Igraine the Brave, which features a
> young (ten or so?) girl who wants to be a knight, while her older
> brother takes after their wizardly parents, is fantastic.

Oh good.  Someone else who likes Funke!  I second the Igraine 

As I have said before on this list, my favourite is Dragon Rider.  For 
that age group, I'd recommend Potilla, and Little Werewolf (if that's 
been translated into English).  Likewise Two Wild Little Witches (I'm 
only guessing at what the English titles may be, BTW)

My first Funke was Thief Lord (also not bad for age 10-ish).  Then 
Inkheart.  Then I started reading them in German, and I've never got 
past halfway through Tintenherz (Inkheart).  I haven't even tried the 
sequels.  Part of the problem I find with Inkheart is that Meggie 
doesn't get to do very much - most of the time she just has to watch 
while the adults get on with their adventure.  In English I read fast 
enough that that doesn't matter much; in German I don't.

For slightly older - though not yet YA - there is of course the Ghost 
Knight.  That was a very strange experience, reading such an English 
story in German!


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