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On Sun, 28 Jul 2013, Janet Eastwood wrote:

> Megan Whalen Turner - Instead of Three Wishes; The Thief (and sequels). The Thief's sequels are probably a bit old for a ten year old, but definitely put these on the list for when she is a bit older. Turners characters, plots, and world-building are exquisitely done. And she had the excellent taste to dedicate the fourth Thief book, A Conspiracy of Kings, to DWJ :)

I actually think that Turner -- who is unquestionably one of my
favorite authors -- has much more of the shifting age range
problem in most of the other authors mentioned. The Thief is
fantastic for younger readers, but everyone I know  who works
with younger teens has a real problem getting them to read the
sequels, and that's not surprising.

Whether or not the sex life of Pierce's Alanna is age-appropriate
for a 10-year-old depends on the 10-year-old (and their parents),
but it's a rare 10-year-old who is going to be interested in
the strange socio-political concerns and nation building of the
Attolians. It makes me sad, because I think Queen of Attolia is
perfect, and King of Attolia is pretty close. But they are very
much books about being young adults,  about learning how to
navigate responsibility and adulthood.

Whereas some of the other books which are a little iffy here for
young reader it's more because of thematic elements. You can read
The Will of the Empress (the last Tamora Pierce Circle book), and
it is still a cool adventure whether or not you care that Daja is
getting it on (although to be fair those books are also to a
certain extent about navigating responsibility and adulthood, and
they do get more that way as you move into the second series,
where there starts being less adult supervision.)

> Barry Deutsch - Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword (and sequels). Mirka is a girl in an Orthodox Jewish community, and she wants to slay dragons and be a hero. Graphic novel.

I'm so glad you recommended these, they are fantastic. For the
record, because it's not necessarily clear -- they are also

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