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It's not GOOD enough to be a literary novel though, really. Poor excuse.


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> > Otter, I agree that the ending was weaselly if ou look at it that way,
> but
> > what I really thought was that the book is unfinished. Now, this is
> because
> > of explicitly comparing it 'to Fire and Hemlock, where Polly's response
> to
> > finding her memory unreliable is to interrogate that, rather than to go
> > "oh, well" and end the book.
> I agree with Rohina, in that although I found it frustrating, I didn't
> find it weaselly, because (a) the events didn't "not happen", the main
> character just doesn't remember them; and (b) I didn't read the book
> as a fantasy, per se, but more of a literary novel (who was it who
> said "all plots are about looking for something, and in a genre novel
> you find it, and in a literary novel you don't"?). So I was frustrated
> by the character not remembering, and saw it more as the narrator's
> flaw than the author - and I was disappointed that he hadn't taken
> more pains to try and remember each time, and build on Lettie's
> sacrifice, although maybe that was the point, and the chance he got
> was to keep living and making mistakes, damaged by childhood.
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> the brilliance and importance of DWJ and why I should read her.
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