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Otter, I agree that the ending was weaselly if ou look at it that way, but
what I really thought was that the book is unfinished. Now, this is because
of explicitly comparing it 'to Fire and Hemlock, where Polly's response to
finding her memory unreliable is to interrogate that, rather than to go
"oh, well" and end the book.

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> Okay. Pressured by the discussion here, I got the audiobook and listened to
> about half of it [the amount I can listen to at one time while doing my
> paper routes in the middle of the night]. I got home, decided I absolutely
> couldn't wait, bought the Kindle version, and finished the book. So.
> I found it absolutely terrifying. That's one of the reasons I had to finish
> it right away. And thoroughly icky at times.
> I remember a discussion on this list about books that end with the
> participants ending their adventure by forgetting it. [Puck of Pook's
> Hill, for example.] I remember the consensus being that it was a
> weaselly way out. So will somebody tell me how this is different?
> I wasn't happy with the ending at all. I can understand that things
> happened that would be hard for a child to live with, but our hero
> isn't a child any more.
> Also, do we ever know whose funeral our hero was attending? It's
> not particularly important, I don't think, but did Gaiman ever say?
> [Note: It didn't remind me of F&H, because I've never been able to
> get through F&H a second time. Personal failing, I guess. And I
> wasn't much reminded of TotG, because I haven't read that a whole
> bunch of times either. Can I still be on this list? :-) ]
> [Oh. I do like Mr. Gaiman, but I'm not sure I want to reread this one.]
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