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I must say, I love *The Spellcoats* and *The Crown of Dalemark *both with
quite a lot of intensity.  I find them both extremely thought-provoking.  I
mostly reread *Drowned Ammett *for Navis, in all honesty. . . but if Navis
is very strongly my favorite Dalemark character, Duck/Wend is quite
possibly second - I find him a fascinating character and agree with
everyone who wants to know more about him.

I always assumed that the godhood of Undying was very much tied to the
extent of people's belief in them as gods.  I don't think that being
Undying necessarily makes one a God - I think what was going on with Hern
and Mitt was that Hern was not Undying, but given that he had Undying
ancestry he thought he might be and tried to be cautious by not leaving
images of himself, because if he *had been* Undying, that could have led to
him becoming a god.  Since he wasn't Undying, this became a moot point, but
Mitt was able to learn from his example and consequently avoid becoming a
god, although he was clearly Undying.  I think Wend and Cennoreth were very
much gods, but, especially for Wend, they weren't believed in or worshipped
as much, so their power had faded.  Whereas Old Ammett and Libby Beer seem
to have still had quite a lot of worship in the Holy Islanders and even
were paid tribute by the rituals in South Dalemark, even if the Holanders
didn't know what they were doing, so I think that's why they had more
power.  They also may have been gods for a longer time?  Although I was
never quite sure if they were also supposed to be Tanamil and Robin?


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> wrote:

> We find out some of this in _The Crown of Dalemark_, which,
> unlike some, I like a lot.
> On Feb 4, 2013, at 8:46 AM, deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:
> > I always loved The Spellcoats most out of that whole series. I
> > was quite young when I read it, and just getting introduced to
> > the idea of metafiction, and the spellcoats themselves are such a
> > clear and lovely introduction, with the framing story to clarify.
> > Possibly the book was actually formative in my love of the
> > technique.
> >
> > One thing I think I left about it is how FINAL it leaves the
> > global tragedy at the end. You know it's coming, and then you get
> > the frame storytelling you that everything changed, geography and
> > all. But still, it's left unknown how individuals, the
> > individuals you have grown to love and care for through the
> > story, coped. Many of them we know are immortal and we meet
> > later, so what does actually happen to Duck and Tanaqui et al.?
> > How do they become, well, gods?
> >
> > -deborah
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