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We find out some of this in _The Crown of Dalemark_, which,
unlike some, I like a lot.

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> I always loved The Spellcoats most out of that whole series. I
> was quite young when I read it, and just getting introduced to
> the idea of metafiction, and the spellcoats themselves are such a
> clear and lovely introduction, with the framing story to clarify.
> Possibly the book was actually formative in my love of the
> technique.
> One thing I think I left about it is how FINAL it leaves the
> global tragedy at the end. You know it's coming, and then you get
> the frame storytelling you that everything changed, geography and
> all. But still, it's left unknown how individuals, the
> individuals you have grown to love and care for through the
> story, coped. Many of them we know are immortal and we meet
> later, so what does actually happen to Duck and Tanaqui et al.?
> How do they become, well, gods?
> -deborah
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