[DWJ] Audiobooks

es at historicalfact.com es at historicalfact.com
Wed Apr 24 17:15:16 EDT 2013

I'm listening to the Merlin Conspiracy at the minute, read by David
Tennant (Nick's bits) and Emilia Fox (Roddy's bits).  It's great, but
Fox's Welsh accent for Gwyn and Roddy's mum sounds just like Kendra from
Buffy, and it's quite distracting!

Has anyone listened to any of the other DWJ audiobooks?  Are they any
good? I'm always a bit suspicious of abridged versions, I prefer the
unabridged ones so I've not put any of the others on the audible wishlist.
I'm really tempted by Miriam Margolyes doing Archer's Goon though!

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