[DWJ] Worldcon Bench

Meredith MacArdle meredithxyz at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 24 10:01:04 EDT 2012

I said I'd help Farah collect sponsorship for a DWJ memorial bench at
Worldcon in London 2014, and I've set up a Paypal account for it, with the
email address

fansofDWJ at gmail.com

That's all that is needed to make a donation, you simply go to http//:
www.paypal.co.uk or http://www.paypal.com and use the Send Money option to
the above email address

Paypal notifies me and I'll be using that email address only for this
account. Gili has kindly agreed to help oversee it.

I'll be keeping a list of contributors so if there is an option in Paypal
to give a message of how you would like to be listed, do use it or
otherwise email me.

I'll give regular updates on the fund, but it is now open for donations!

hope this works out satisfactorily

cheers, Meredith

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