[DWJ] influenced writers

Charlotte Taylor ccwtaylor at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 10:21:38 EDT 2012

 Thanks Anita!  The first bit makes me happy, the second bit sounds like a
book I'd love.


> I did like Frederick Below Stairs too, and I see from
> http://members.authorsguild.net/carolinestev/ that a sequel is expected.
> One of the pleasures of Frederick is that he is not terminally stupid,
> will take advice and learns form his mistakes. Another book - very similar
> in many ways, I thought, which I read at the same time as I read
> Frederick, was "Rose" by Holly Webb. (She seems to be a real person).
> Rose, like Frederick, comes into service and discovers that she has magic.
>  And like Frederick she is not stupid with it. She is willing to be
> discovered and to learn and finally to help using her magic.
> Anita Graham
> anita at joli.com.au

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