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Anita Graham anita at joli.com.au
Tue Sep 18 09:17:22 EDT 2012

Caroline Stevermer also wrote "A College of Magics" which starts in an
unusual boarding school - unusual even for a book with such a name.
However it follows the protagonist out of her schooldays and to an
interesting and satisfying conclusion. She wrote a followup to that -  "A
Scholar of Magics".  (gosh I love my IDE which puts in paired quotes and
brackets automatically. How can I get a mailer to do that?) The two books
seem to have been published as a double called Scholarly Magics. The
second book is good, but not quite as good as the first - although it does
allow us to see more of Dame Jane Brailsford.

I did like Frederick Below Stairs too, and I see from
http://members.authorsguild.net/carolinestev/ that a sequel is expected.
One of the pleasures of Frederick is that he is not terminally stupid,
will take advice and learns form his mistakes. Another book - very similar
in many ways, I thought, which I read at the same time as I read
Frederick, was "Rose" by Holly Webb. (She seems to be a real person).
Rose, like Frederick, comes into service and discovers that she has magic.
 And like Frederick she is not stupid with it. She is willing to be
discovered and to learn and finally to help using her magic.

Anita Graham
anita at joli.com.au


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