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Lucy Pearson <lucy.r.pearson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks, Katta - I hadn't come across Lily Archer at all. I'll check
> her out!
> I agree it's probably only possible to find writers who 'feel' like a
> particular DWJ book, because she's so diverse - I'm not really
> looking for the feel of any specific book, but just recommendations
> for books / writers which share something with some of Diana's work.

Lucy, if her liking them might indicate some shared feeling, two writers
whom Diana very much enjoyed reading and who shared her sense of humour
in one case and her sense of what is "just not right" in the other are
Patricia C Wrede and Lois McMaster Bujold.

There is also Caroline Stevermer.  She and Pat Wrede have corroborated
on a pair (or maybe it's three) of books set in the world of Georgette
Heyer but with Magic, and Diana thought those very good and enjoyed
them a lot, which since Diana was a Heyer fan is quite a recommendation.

Hope that helps...


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