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Fri Sep 14 11:33:26 EDT 2012

I tried to introduce my husband (fan of Garner, Chabon, Mieville) to
DWJ with Dark Lord of Derkholm.  He didn't appreciate it all and won't
try again.  I should have probably tried Fire and Hemlock, except
that's one of my own least favorites, and so hard to recommend...


On 9/14/12, Eleanor Joslin <eleanor at dreamvine.org.uk> wrote:
> On 14/09/12 14:42, Jessica Spencer wrote:
>> I'd also contribute (though only a student budget amount).
>> Another topic of discussion: what DWJ book would you all recommend to
>> start
>> an adult reader off?
> Depends very much on the adult reader.
> When Jo Walton was doing an A-Z of Who To Read on the tor.com blog, she
> missed DWJ out.  When people asked why in the comment thread, she said
> she'd only read Deep Secret and didn't like it much, at which point a
> gratifying number of people started recommending other DWJ books to her,
> principally Fire and Hemlock IIRC.  I don't know whether she took our
> advice.
> OTOH I know someone who detested Fire and Hemlock because the
> relationship between Tom and Polly was too creepy for her taste.  She
> loved the Chrestomanci books, though.
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