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I think I assumed the same as your fiancee. Though the bit about asking 
if he was needed sounded more like King Arthur. I've never heard of any 
legend that said Cymbeline was coming back.

Oh, interesting: in the Wikipedia entry on Shakespeare's play, it says 
"The editors of the Oxford and Norton Shakespeare believe the name of 
Imogen is a misspelling of Innogen—they draw several comparisons 
between Cymbeline and Much Ado About Nothing, in early editions of 
which a ghost character named Innogen was supposed to be Leonato's wife 
(Posthumus being also known as "Leonatus", the Latin form of the 
Italian name in the other play). Stanley Wells and Michael Dobson point 
out that Holinshed's Chronicles, which Shakespeare used as a source, 
mention an Innogen, and that Forman's eyewitness account of the April 
1611 performance refers to "Innogen" throughout.[4] In spite of these 
arguments, most editions of the play have continued to use the name 

A GHOST CHARACTER NAMED INNOGEN. Did DWJ know? Oh, and making it even 
more layered-ly cool: "In playwriting, a ghost character is a character 
who is mentioned as appearing on stage but neither says nor does 
anything but enter, and possibly exit. They are generally interpreted 
as editing mistakes, indicative of unresolved revisions to the text. If 
the character was intended to appear but say nothing, it is assumed 
this function would be clearly identified in the play.[1]" 

Helen Schinske

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In the conversation between the ghost and the dead king under the
barrow in TOTG, the ghost asks the king about Imogen (by which she
means her sister), and the king replies that Imogen is lost. Which
Imogen is he referring to?

I was talking about this with my fiancee, who suggested that the king
may be intended to be Cunobelinus=Cymbeline, who would have taken the
question to be about his own daughter.


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