[DWJ] Memorial cafepress store closing soon

Kylie Ding kylie_ding at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 15 07:51:06 EDT 2012

The cafepress store I set up to fundraise will be closing soon.  The artist
who did the artwork that features on everything in the store made it
available for only a limited time.  I plan to close the store in two weeks.




Now is the time to get your DWJ memorial items, before they are gone for
good.  The profits made from the sale of the items will be split between
GUFF, the fan fund that sent me to England where I attended DWJ's memorial,
and the hospice where DWJ was cared for before she died.


I personally bought several t-shirts and a mug from the store.  I'm very
happy with all of them!  I wore one of the t-shirts to the memorial, as did
several other listmembers.



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