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> That sounds right, and makes sense with the "first" comment by Seb. Before he tells her she owes him, he says, "You ... took something when you came to our house, didn't you?"

I never saw the TS Eliot thing at all, I just assumed I was missing
something about the end :) Someone wrote a wonderful post about on
their livejournal but I have no idea who anymore.  I do know Tam Lin
and Thomas the Rhymer so I got those :)

And I love hearing more about F&H, it's one of her books I have to
reread because I haven't figured it out, and I hope i never do :)

I had to read Hexwood over and over to try and get the timelines
straight and who was where when and what was doing what :)  I *loved*
that about Hexwood.

Some books like that I just bounce off of, because I don't know what's
happening so why should I keep reading?  But DWJ manages the balance,
at least for me.  So does Terry Pratchett, though his are different
kinds, more layers upon layers.  DWJ seems to just... OK, maybe
they're both layers on layers just very different kinds :)


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