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Hold on, in Fire and Hemlock Polly does go into the house before she works the vases. She has the orangeade (but doesn't consume it) and she's listening to the reading of the Will, from there Tom takes Polly out to the garden. It's some time before they come to the vases because they're setting up their story. So, unless I'm mistaken, if working the vases first is what gives protection then Polly wouldn't have it. I have the UK Collins edition, which has Polly and Tom leaving the reading on p. 24, coming to the vases on p. 32 (Tom spins them first on p. 33), and Seb's threat on p. 67. So, what's the "first" to which Seb refers?  

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> I was rereading Fire & Hemlock today as comfort food, and to see if I could
> spot any new nuances (having a Maree type situation, and having to stay
> with my mother, who unfortunately is a real life version of Ivy). I noticed
> something that had always puzzled me.
> When Seb threatens Polly and Nina near the beginning he tells Polly "You
> didn't eat and you didn't drink, and you worked the Nowhere vases round
> first. Don't deny it. I saw you working them. And I haven't told my father
> that-yet. You owe me for that." (p50 of the UK Mandarin edition with the
> nice cover). Obviously you don't eat and drink the fairies' food if you
> want to be able to leave, and I guess the vases are T.S.Eliot's spinning
> urns, the inscription relating to that part of the poem discussing time and
> reality; and that turning them before going in the house gives you some
> other kind of protection. I feel like I'm missing something though, is
> there some other reference or inference I'm not picking up here?
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