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Andrea Höst <andreakhost at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there - I'm working on a post for a book blog (a kind of
> introduction to DWJ summary) and wanted to mention the possibility of
> an upcoming book being completed by Diana's sister, but didn't want
> to pass on any incorrect information.
> I noticed on The Book Depository that there's a book called "Freaky
> Families" slated for release.  Is this the same book?  And I also
> noticed that TV Tropes seems to think the book DWJ was working on was
> a new one in the Castle/Howl series - no indication of the source of
> that information though.
> Any solid info would be gratefully received.


I think "Freaky Families" must be another collection of
previously-published work, like "Vile Visitors".

The new book is pretty-much finished, I have read it in near-final
draft, and I am awaiting with interest people saying that they know
where she put down her pen!  (I do because I read the manuscript as she
left it, needing to be deciphered and typed out, but the join is
pretty well-done *I* think.)

The working title was "Islands", but whether it will stay thus named I
don't know.

It has nothing whatever to do with Castle or Howl; it is a stand-alone
about an archipelago of four islands.

When it will actually be published I don't know either.  That is a
process which can take longer or less time depending on so many factors
that it won't be worth second-guessing.

I hope that may be some use.


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