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Hi Andrea,
Diana's sister Ursula read a chapter from the new book at the
celebration/memorial event in Bristol in April, and later her partner told
me about the idea that Ursula might finish writing it. I'm sure it's not
"Freaky Families", and it's not a new one in the Castle/Howl series. I
think "Freaky Families" is just a collection of previously published
shorter works. This book seemed to be a new world altogether. The first
chapter was about a girl who undergoes some kind of initiation ceremony
which involves sitting alone in a dark space and waiting for a vision to
appear. Diana had felt she was very close to the end of it and that the end
should be obvious, but family member who read the manuscript disagreed!

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 9:50 AM, Andrea Höst <andreakhost at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there - I'm working on a post for a book blog (a kind of introduction to
> DWJ summary) and wanted to mention the possibility of an upcoming book
> being completed by Diana's sister, but didn't want to pass on any incorrect
> information.
> I noticed on The Book Depository that there's a book called "Freaky
> Families" slated for release.  Is this the same book?  And I also noticed
> that TV Tropes seems to think the book DWJ was working on was a new one in
> the Castle/Howl series - no indication of the source of that information
> though.
> Any solid info would be gratefully received.
> A
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