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> On Sat, 3 Nov 2012, Kyla Mackay-Smith wrote:
>> And then I think this time was the first time I actually read the UK HarperCollins version rather than the US Greenwillow version I grew up reading. And in the bit when Cat goes up to his room to find things they can sell (p. 154 in this version, chapter 11), Janet says, "Sho' ting. I daren't move widdout you, bwana. But hurry up." And I don't remember what she says in the version I'm used to, but I'm pretty sure it was probably just something like "Sure thing. I daren't move without you."
> Huh. So I don't remember this from the Greenwillow either (which was the library edition I grew up with; Charmed Life was my first DWJ), but I just checked my US Knopf paperback and that is there. Personally I wouldn't mind a bit like that getting changed, eurgh.
> -deborah

I just checked the Greenwillow version. It is indeed there. p. 131.


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