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I have been noticing in Jones that the good guys are very often at the top of the social order--such as Crestomanci in his mansion--something one finds much less often in American fiction.  We all grew up from younger sons, disenfranchised folk, runaways, slaves, etc. and don't much expect the people running things to be honorable or dependable.

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I'm more than a bit fuzzy on how old the children were when their parents drowned, and how long they lived pretty much under the care of Coven Street. Coven Street would have taught Gwendolyn that *anything* that brought in more power was just fine, and how clever of her to be able to do it. With that kind of upbringing it would be astonishing if she hadn't turned out selfish and self-serving. But despising the source of her own power is still a bit much. She comes across as really rather stupid.

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