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Sun Nov 4 13:36:25 EST 2012

It rather belatedly occurs to me that Cat was probably born when Gwendolyn was young enough that taking away a younger sibling's "things" is fairly typical behavior. And the fact that their parents were not magic users meant that --although the noticed that *something* was going on, and that it had to do with Cat, they were completely unable to stop it.

I haven't done a reread, so I'm running on recollection here, but isn't it likely that their parents only realized that Gwendolyn even *was* a witch was once she had too much magic at her disposal for it to be able to fly under the radar? They don't seem to have written to Chrestomanci until after they had both children. And he refused to help them, leaving them without any clear way to bring it under control. 

Plus, despite the fact that they were not magic users themselves, they were from a magic-using family, and they lived on Coven Street. Where Gwendolyn was bound to have been a favorite of pretty much everyone who met her, and Cat was treated like an afterthought. (It's really almost enough to wonder if there was anything shady about that maritime explosion that orphaned them. There are folk on Coven Street who would have seriously wanted to acquire Gwendolyn and train her up to their purposes.)

I'm more than a bit fuzzy on how old the children were when their parents drowned, and how long they lived pretty much under the care of Coven Street. Coven Street would have taught Gwendolyn that *anything* that brought in more power was just fine, and how clever of her to be able to do it. With that kind of upbringing it would be astonishing if she hadn't turned out selfish and self-serving. But despising the source of her own power is still a bit much. She comes across as really rather stupid.


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