[DWJ] Monthly Read-Along - Charmed Life

Tina liril at gmx.net
Sun Nov 4 10:32:23 EST 2012

Ellen wrote:

  When Cat and Gwendolyn have just arrived at Chrestomanci Castle, and 
Cat is anxious that evening, Gwendolyn plays cards with him - she's even 
the one to suggest it, though she's a bit scornful when she does. So I'd 
been assuming that she was kind of mean, but that she loved her brother 
deep down.

Yes... She says something like "you'd need looking after" and I noticed 
it too, because it seemed quite nice and "sisterly".

and Kyla:

Bettina, I'm shocked that there was that much cut out of the German
translation! I love the church scene. And why take out the skirt snakes? 
That's just odd.

It really is. As I wrote I've been wondering if they wanted to take out 
stuff that could be considered nasty/icky  (the snakes, the 
marmelade/worms, the caterpillars/twigs), but they kept the all 
apparitions ("poor Sarah Jane") including the worm and the spider 
(There's even a big illustration of the spider...). Of course, if this 
scene was cut and/or made "harmless", it would get really hard explain 
the adults' reaction...

About the Janet's and Gwendolyn's fingerprints: I would have thought 
they'd be identical, because I'd assume Janet and Gwendolyn are. You 
could certainly argue that a double that comes into existence because of 
a "split" (a person already living when two worlds seperate) would have 
identical fingerprints. Of course this doesn't apply to doubles born 
after a split. Hm. Makes you wonder what made Gwendolyn turn out so 
nasty. We don't know about the doubles (or thirds or whatever), but 
possibly having a little brother and the availability of power had 
something to do with it...


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