[DWJ] Dogsbody

Philip Belben philipbelben at alice.de
Wed May 23 14:58:29 EDT 2012

> Was he framed for something? I thought he belonged to the IRA and was
> jailed for various unlawful activities. But do please refresh my
> memory :-)

I've noticed this I think every time I've read Dogsbody as an adult: 
DWJ very carefully doesn't state whether O'Brien was a republican or a 
loyalist.  When he dies it's "the other side" who kill him before he can 
be recaptured.

I can't remember how much we are told about his involvement in the 
violence, but I think it is very little.  I think the implication is 
that he was guilty of something, but we are told no details.

Duffie calls him a "feckless Irish terrorist", but I don't think her 
opinion carries much weight.


PS Dogsbody was the book for discussion last month.  Power of Three was 
this month, and Charmed Life (I think) next.

Do people want to try and squeeze Po3 and CL in both next month, or 
would you all rather slip a month permanently.  I vote for squeezing 
both in, even though I haven't re-read CL in the sequence yet.

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