[DWJ] s nice low-key tribute

Philip Belben philipbelben at alice.de
Tue May 22 14:01:21 EDT 2012

On 21/05/2012 01:58, Devra wrote:

> While reading Publisher's Weekly reviews of new young adult titles, I
> found this description of Laura Powell's BURN MARK:  "A satisfying
> series opener with hints of Holly Black and Diana Wynne Jones."
> Obviously a favorable comparison!

I like it!

Reminds me of a radio talk show I heard a year or two ago, probably 
"Nightwaves".  They were having quite a heated discussion (well, heated 
for Radio 3, anyway) about writing, and one of the panellists jumped in 
with "Well, if you consider a really good writer, like Diana Wynne Jones..."

This was on the car radio, and it kept me smiling the rest of the journey.


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