[DWJ] Another of those beguiling pedlars/singers/bards

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Fri Mar 23 19:20:45 EDT 2012

It's a fairly common theme though, isn't? A just-about-married girl
runs off with a stranger who offers something More. Wraggle Taggle
Gypsies, Young Lochinvar...



	A pedlar of the byways

	Came driving into town,

	His horse was black as charcoal

	His skin, a satin brown.

	A mien of gypsy lineage-

	Gold sparkled in his ear,

	And if the young men listened,

	This is what they'd hear.


	_Oil on troubled waters_


	_Abalone's style_


	_Shot silk and taffeta_


	_To make your lady smile._



	The cart was draped in velvet

	In changeable array,

	Its sheen of wine and purple

	With colors all at play.

	The sleek of ash and moonlight,

	Lay silvered in his word,

	And if the young girls listened,

	This is what they heard.


	_Oil on troubled waters_


	_Gems to fit a bride_


	_Pay me with your kisses_


	_Aye, and more beside._



	The pedlar drove on by me,

	I saw his merry guile;

	He kissed his fingers to me

	I paid him with a smile.

	No harm was in his mischief

	His lures so gently laid,

	Would never turn the fortunes

	Of any spotless maid.


	_Oil on troubled waters,_


	_A shawl against the cold_


	_Shelter in my wagon_


	_If I may be so bold…_



	I heard his song of promise,

	The laughter in his voice

	Brought swiftness to my slippers,

	And rainbows to my choice.

	I ran to catch the pedlar,

	(I hope you understand

	Why I chose a rascal

	Above your wedding band.)


	_I've oil for troubled waters_


	_Gems to fit a bride_


	_Shelter in his wagon_


	_Aye and more beside._







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