[DWJ] Belated thoughts on Eight Days of Luke and Who Got Rid of Angus Flint

Kylie Ding kylie_ding at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 20 23:26:52 EDT 2012

Eight Days of Luke - 


I loved the humorous moments.  The vision of David standing on the compost
heap speaking the powerful words, then the garden wall falling over.  Him
getting the eye from the three sisters while been watched in open-mouthed
astonishment by Alan's little sisters.


Who Got Rid of Angus Flint - 


I've never been as keen on DWJ's short stories, and in this read-along I'm
trying to pin down why.  What failed for me in Angus Flint was the complete
unexpectedness of the furniture taking off and coming alive.  In DWJ's
novels the magic is so beautifully integrated.  If something magical happens
it's either completely in context in that world, or it is hinted at
beforehand.  In Angus Flint the furniture coming alive was jarring.





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