[DWJ] Cart and Cwidder

jodel at aol.com jodel at aol.com
Tue Mar 20 14:18:33 EDT 2012

Actually, it occurs to me that the whole situation between Clennen and 
Lenina -- and between Clennen and the cwidder for that matter -- is 
possibly even murkier than it appears.

Of course the real problem is that since Clennen himself was always 
giving a performance, we cannot ever know just how much he really 
understood of how the cwidder worked. From all appearances, he hadn't a 

For he *never*, not once, takes any personal responsibility for what 
happened at Lenina's wedding. From the story -- which has attained the 
stature of a family legend, which his children will be telling to their 
grandchildren -- the magical cwidder just randomly granted him his 
dearest wish. A wonder tale untouched by human agency.

Indeed, his exhortations to Moril that he needs to "come together" to 
make the cwidder obey him is probably based upon his own experience 
that only once, in his whole lifetime, he *wanted* something so much 
that the cwidder gave it to him. Despite the fact that, as Moril was to 
discover, mere desire had very little to do with the cwidder.

But it was showmanship, and calculated risk, that were his strengths, 
and those had nothing whatsoever to do with the cwidder. Clennen was 
only capable of moving in one world.

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