[DWJ] Tribute t-shirt

Philip Belben philipbelben at alice.de
Sat Mar 17 14:56:48 EDT 2012

(Catching up on the list after a week or two away)

> I decided that I'd like to wear something special in memory of DWJ to the
> memorial in April.  I have no artistic talent, but I have a friend who does,
> and is a DWJ fan to boot!  She took some ideas I had and produced some
> fabulous artwork.

I'm wondering what to order.  I think it's a great design!  Nowhere 
vases, spells from Caprona, Sirius with a cat (who looks a bit like 
Benvenuto), a griffin, a dragon...

OK, someone will tell me it's completely obvious, but... a unicorn? 
Where did that come from?


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