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On Wednesday 14 March 2012 11:43:02 Katarina Hjärpe wrote:
> If we count any parents, no matter how minor their role, I'd argue that
> Timos IX in Deep Secret is DWJ's very worst, even in comparison with
> Lady Marceny and Aunt Mariah.

Oh wow, I'd clean forgotten Marceny. And I agree about Timos, treating his 
children like pawns in his unsuccessful power game.

To get back to the subject, I agree wholeheartedly with Anita:

> Considering that they are not living a comfortable life in a child-
> centred twentieth (or twenty-first) century world but in a feudal,
> agricultural society where children are expected to be useful and
> contribute to the family's wellbeing, I can't quite see what they do, as
> parents, that is so bad.

After Clennen's death Lenina chooses for herself without paying any heed 
to what her children might want or need. But then Clennen practically 
kidnapped her and she still stayed with him and raised the family with him 
for eighteen years, even though she really hated that kind of life. (Must 
read some Little House again to see if my memory that Laura's mother was 
much the same is right.)

But yes, it's not a child-centred world, which is probably why I didn't 
notice any neglect or abuse (while they're all together as a family, at 
least): I have three daughters but we've never been a "modern", child-
centred family. We had neighbours who were appalled that we took seven- 
and nine-year-olds to the museum, but that was something we *all* liked. 
If we'd instead taken them to a kiddie amusement park as the neighbours 
felt they (and we) ought to, 40% (or perhaps more, I don't think the kids 
even liked it much) would have been bored, annoyed, and/or unhappy. 

> It was clear to me that they both loved their children, and gave them
> care  and attention within the limits of their lives as travelling
> singers (and spies).

I'd phrase that as "in the context" rather than "within the limits" 
because I don't feel the travelling life is in any way suboptimal, at 
least not in *that* world - our present real-life world is perhaps not so 
well equipped for it.

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