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I wouldn't have characterised the parents in Cart and Cwidder as terrible at

Considering that they are not living a comfortable life in a child-centred
twentieth (or twenty-first) century world but in a feudal, agricultural
society where children are expected to be useful and contribute to the
family's wellbeing, I can't quite see what they do, as parents, that is so

It was clear to me that they both loved their children, and gave them care
and attention within the limits of their lives as travelling singers (and

On 7/03/12 2:35 AM, "rohina" <rohinax at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All
> In my Children's Lit class, which I am teaching this semester, we end up
> talking a lot about absent parents, and how "bad" parents are taboo in
> Children's Lit - like parents can DIE, but actively being neglectful is
> pretty unusual, and I find it interesting that DWJ is one of the few
> writers willing to break this taboo. C&C seems to me to be a book where the
> parents really are terrible, but I wonder if I am affected by rereading it
> as an adult.
> Thoughts?
> Robyn
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