[DWJ] Diana Wynne Jones shout-out

Amy Harlib aharlib at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 28 03:02:39 EDT 2012

aharlib at earthlink.net
Thought you folks would love this!

Ursula Vernon, an illustrator and children's book author, does a 
mostly-weekly podcast about eating cheap pre-prepared food with her 
partner.  It's generally pretty funny, especially when she gets a bit 
schnockered on cider and starts ranting.  This week she briefly ranted 
on time travel:

"I hate time travel. There are like three authors who have written time 
travel that doesn't make me completely crazy, and they are Connie 
Willis, Tim Powers, because Tim Powers is awesome, and Diana Wynne 
Jones, for whom a moment of silence."

In case you're interested, it's at www.kuec.libsyn.com.


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