[DWJ] Dogsbody and Off Topic--Gili on Facebook

Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 15:00:11 EDT 2012

Sorry for the off-topic post, guys, but Gili, I'm assuming the Gili
Bar-Hillel blog link that is suddenly popping up all over my facebook wall
is you?


I don't want to say anything too crazy or political on the list since I'm
already off topic, etc, but I just wanted to express my support.

For an obDWJ, which I'm afraid will only be somewhat related, on the
subject of political issues, etc: I read Dogsbody in the 90s, and it was
actually the first time I'd heard about the troubles in Ireland, or of the
idea of any sort of prejudice against the Irish.  I was familiar with the
Disneyfied version of the Irish, having seen Darby O'Gill and the Little
People and The Happiest Millionare as a young child, but Dogsbody was the
first time I'd heard anything more complicated (despite the fact that I
probably could have encountered it in the news).  I remember asking my
parents about it and not particularly understanding the issue, but it
wasn't a big aspect of the book to me when I was ten or so.  It seems like
a bigger deal now.  I still don't know that I would particularly call it a
political book, but it does seem like it's one of the only times DWJ at all
mentions current political stuff.  I think that most of her political
statements are generally more oblique, like her criticism of the academic
culture at YotG, which isn't so much a send-up of anything specific as of a
certain type of culture.  I have the feeling she preferred that sort of

On a side note (and I may have mentioned this before, but if I can't
remember for sure hopefully nobody else will either), the first time I ever
heard of Hitler and the Holocaust was through Judy Blume's Starring Sally
J. Freedman as Herself.  I'm so glad I've always been a reader.


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