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On Wed, 25 Jul 2012 17:02:56 -0400, Ellen Willcox <eawil3 at email.wm.edu> wrote:
I had this cover:  *http://tinyurl.com/ctbjhjm*  Which tells you only that
> SOMEONE (or something) isn't human. 
> I only read this book for the first time fairly recently, and was
> fascinated by the ways the different species play off one another.  I like
> that some of the beliefs each species has about the others are true and
> some are propaganda, and you get the impression that some of the things are
> viewed as only myth (like, no one really believes the Dorig descended from
> frogs).  It's all so complex and masterfully done.  And sometimes funny -
> one of my favorite scenes was the one that goes (paraphrasing):
> Dorig kids: Yeah, well, Lymen eat caterpillars!
> Giant kids: Is that true?
> Lyman kids: *Thinking* Of course we do, let me tell you about -
> Giant kids: Because BLARGH that would be HORRIFYINGLY DISGUSTING. 
> Lyman kids: NO, WE DEFINITELY DO NOT. 
> I've already written a big ol' review at
> http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3325594-power-of-three , so if anyone's
> curious, them's my thoughts.  :)
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