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On Mon, 23 Jul 2012, Ulrika Isacsson wrote:

> 2012/7/23 Thomas Thurman <thomas at thurman.org.uk>:
>> On 23 July 2012 21:31, Ulrika Isacsson <ulrikamc at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> From her point of view the worst thing with the book
>>> was the lack of pictures. We had to keep coming back to the front of
>>> the book to at least be able to see the different persons and species
>>> in question.
>> Goodness, does it show the three species on the front cover? I thought
>> part of the charm of the story was that you didn't discover until well
>> into the story that Ayna, Gair and Ceri are not the same species as
>> you, the reader. It's one of my two favourite examples of what
>> TVTropes calls a "tomato surprise", where something is so well known
>> to all the characters that it doesn't get mentioned, and so the reader
>> is allowed to make assumptions which turn out to be false. (My other
>> favourite example of this is "Tyke Tiler".)
>> T
> Here's a link to the cover picture:
> http://www.blaalv.com/sv/hans-arnold-special/hans-arnold-guldkragen.html
> I wouldn't say it's obvious that Gair, Ayna and Ceri aren't human, but
> they do look a bit old fashioned compared to the giants.

Huh, that's a nifty cover. We have this one 
http://www.leemac.freeserve.co.uk/biggies/power4.jpg which is rather 
cheesy and does distinctly show pointed ears on two of the boys, as well 
as Gerald's very everyday t-shirt and the very not everyday clothing of 
the others. The funny thing, though, is that I don't remember that cover 
making any difference in my assuming that la la la, this was a fantasy 
book set in some other world, la la la, Gair etc. are people, la 
la...wait, Gerald lives in England? And I first read it when I was about 

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