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Unfinished book?  Obviously this does not refer to EARWIG...


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> I won!  By one vote: 47 - 46.
> I would love to see any mailing list people at Eastercon this year,
 and I am so glad I will have the chance to be there for the
 not-memorial DWJ celebration in April.
Congratulations, Kylie!  It'll be good to see you again.
About the memorial:
We held a meeting yesterday and produced a rough running-order.
It will be on Sunday 22nd April at St George's, Brandon Hill, Bristol.
The doors will open at 2pm, and events are set to start at 2.30 with
ive or six members of Diana's family talking for three or four minutes
ach about her as they knew her.  Then there will be a break during
hich short bits of the Miyasaki Howl's Moving Castle and the BBC
rcher's Goon are shown for ten minutes or so, provided we can get
ermission to use them; then five or six colleagues of Diana's will talk
bout her, again for three or four minutes each.  Then some of her
ephew's music to her book will be put on, again for about ten minutes,
nd then five or six of her friends will do their three or four
inuteses. After that her sister will read an extract from her last,
nfinished book, and finally there will be an extract from an interview
ith Diana shortly before her death.
All of this is "we hope"; with a following wind, consents when needed,
nd the right tech availability in the hall...
So now you all know what will be happening, as much as anyone does.
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