[DWJ] Dwj Digest, Vol 75, Issue 9

sodgers at iinet.net.au sodgers at iinet.net.au
Mon Jan 23 18:46:48 EST 2012

 I'm replying through webmail, so I just hope it clips the other
responses. In no particular order; yes, the "magic toyshop" is a good
short cut, and can be subverted or rearranged in lots of different
ways. My book The Magician's Box was originally called The Calf and
the Chemistry Set. It seems the editors weren't prepared to allow my
heroine to play with a chemistry set, so I was told to change it. I
got away with The Pocket Unicorn, though, which was bought from a
petshop while Elder Brother was supposed to be in charge.  And yes,
the whole magical, sf, fantasy increase is a lot to do with the demise
of the ordinary adventure because the obligingly absent or
absent-minded parents of the past would be up for child abuse/neglect
Sally O

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