[DWJ] Children of nine-lifed enchanters

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Sat Jan 14 18:05:27 EST 2012


I'm writing as a longtime fan of Diana Wynne Jones's work, particularly
Howl, Fire and Hemlock, and Hexwood, though I've only just discovered this
mailing list. I've recently been rereading the Chrestomanci series, and
have been seized by a need to know this: why aren't children of nine-lifed
enchanters nine-lifers themselves? Surely if Christopher Chant doesn't have
a counterpart on 12B, Roger and Julia can't either.

As an addendum, does this suggest that cats *never* have counterparts in
other worlds?

I've scoured the "Ask the Author" pages of her official website, Googled
"children of nine-lifed enchanters", gone through some of the archives
(though not all), and haven't found anything like an official answer. If
anyone on this list knows of one, or has a strong idea based on the books,
interviews, etc, I'd love to hear it.

...Actually, after thinking about it a bit, the books do say that a these
people are nine-lived enchanters because they've got the power of eight
other potential lives or something like that. So perhaps this just doesn't
apply to the children of nine-lived enchanters, because there was no
potential to start with?

Sorry for being such a huge dork.


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