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Kylie Ding <kylie_ding at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Oh, I didn't mean naming you as to verify people have attended cons,
> just that you are probably known of by the administrators as a fan
> (James, anyway), due to your real-life con activities and can verify
> that people on this list are active in fandom by being on the list,
> as they might not be known much outside here.

That's ok then, provided that I can remember the name!  I am not at all
sure that I could reel off every name on this list, you know.  I have
nominal aphasia...

If it is being able to name a person known to the GUFFers, rather than
that person being able to name you, then it becomes much easier.  Only
it does say "please give in the space below the name and address of an
active fan (not a fan group, a candidate or one of their nominators) to
whom you are known and who is known to (one of) the administrators."  I
don't think most people here know my address -- in fact I hope not,
since it has not been published here as far as I know.  Would
"dwj at suberic" be an address?


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