Kylie Ding kylie_ding at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 7 21:03:21 EST 2012

This year I am running as a candidate for the Get Up and Over Fan Fund.
This is a fund that sends a science fiction fan from Australasia to Europe
to attend a convention.  The winner of the fund will attend Olympus 2012,
the British national SF convention.  The convention will be held in London
at Easter.


Being a Diana Wynne Jones fan means that I'd really love to win this race
for a few reasons.  Reading Deep Secret was the reason that I first wanted
to attend an Eastercon.  I have attended Eastercons before, and it was an
amazing experience, and I'd love to do it again.  I'd love to catch up with
any mailing list members that happen to be there (waves at Minnow and


A huge reason that I want to win is that the not-Memorial for Diana Wynne
Jones that Minnow emailed us about is being held in April, not long after
the convention.  DWJ books and fandom have been a huge part of my life for
many years, and it would mean so much to be to be able to be at this event,
and to celebrate and mourn DWJ with people who feel the same.


Only people who were active in fandom prior to August 2009 are eligible to
vote for GUFF.  I think this would include most of the people on the mailing
list (the list itself being a fannish activity)!  It does cost money to
vote, and this is a big part of the fundraising.


I really hope some of you would like to vote for me!


The ballot can be found at http://aspspider.info/ha9prek/ and can be filled
in online.  Details of where to PayPal contributions can be found on the
ballot in the section About the Race.




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