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Yes, I certainly thought that Astrid and Thor had something together, although it might have been all on Astrid's side...


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I've always liked it a lot as well.  This time I enjoyed reading it right
fter The Ogre Downstairs since the situation is such a contrast - instead
f 1 grown-up vs. 5 kids Luke has 5 grown-ups vs. 1 kid.  I've also very
ecently read Neil Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants, so that was fun to
ave in mind too.
I've always assumed that Astrid fell in love with Thor during their
dventures but this time 'round I realized there's not a lot in the text to
upport that interpretation.  Have others read an Astrid & Thor romance in
he background?
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 > A slightly late reminder that this month we are reading Cart and Cwidder
 > discussing Who Got Rid of Angus Flint and Eight Days of Luke.
 > Kylie

 I've always really liked Eight Days of Luke. When I first read this I
 was in my early teens and really into all kinds of mythologies, but
 being Nordic the Norse gods were always among the favourites. It was
 fun trying to see which of the gods turned up, and how the
 mythological places was fit into the reality of the book. I'm still
 amazed at how horrible his relations are, and very happy that Astrid
 reforms so quickly so that he at least has someone that stands by him.


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