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Thanks for sharing, Thomas! I love it when dreams are like that.

I had a dream a while back that was dedicated to Diana Wynne Jones. Don't
ask me in what sense it was dedicated to her: it came as a given with the
dream. I posted this on my Facebook page on November 6, 2011:

So here's a dream I had tonight. I was told it was a dream in memory of
Diana Wynne Jones. ("Told by whom?" asked my husband. "The Dream
Authority?" I suppose the answer is yes. In any case, it was a given.)

In my dream, I met the devil. "Today is your lucky day," said the devil,
"because I am giving you a choice. Moreover, I will go a step further and
tell you which is the right choice, and which is the wrong - but the
decision is yours to make. In some time from now, and I can't tell you
exactly how long or short this time will be, but it's a'comin', there will
be a flood that will decimate much of this Earth. Now here is your choice.
I can guarantee that you will spend the time between now and the flood in
good company, laughing and having the time of your life. This is the wrong
choice. Or, here is the right choice: you can spend your time between now
and the flood attempting to warn the world of the upcoming flood. Most
people will not believe you and you will suffer mockery and loneliness, but
perhaps you may save a few lives, including your own. The choice is yours:
how do you decide?"

And I woke up.

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 12:28 AM, <sodgers at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Gahhh! Now you'd better write the book (or would it be a fan-fic?)
> with the interesting stuff put back in!Sally O
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>  1. Dream (Thomas Thurman)
>  A great deal of the dream then involved doing some rather boring
>  debugging work. I tell you, my dreams have no clue about pacing.
>  After I'd been working there a few months, the company went the way
> of
>  many tech startups and unexpectedly went bankrupt. This was a major
>  problem for me, because there was no HR department left to send me
>  back and I hadn't saved enough to get back to 12B on my own dime. I
>  remember wandering around the town (I didn't recognise it from this
>  world) trying to work out what to do. Eventually I found myself
>  standing by the parapet of a bridge and reasoning this way: I could
>  jump off the bridge and die. If this causes me to return to my
>  original life in my home world (a la Tacroy, I suppose), then I'm
> none
>  the worse. If I die permanently, at least I'm not stuck here any
> more.
>  So I jumped, and hit the water, and woke up.
>  Thomas
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