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Gahhh! Now you'd better write the book (or would it be a fan-fic?)
with the interesting stuff put back in!Sally O

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 1. Dream (Thomas Thurman)

 A great deal of the dream then involved doing some rather boring
 debugging work. I tell you, my dreams have no clue about pacing.

 After I'd been working there a few months, the company went the way
 many tech startups and unexpectedly went bankrupt. This was a major
 problem for me, because there was no HR department left to send me
 back and I hadn't saved enough to get back to 12B on my own dime. I
 remember wandering around the town (I didn't recognise it from this
 world) trying to work out what to do. Eventually I found myself
 standing by the parapet of a bridge and reasoning this way: I could
 jump off the bridge and die. If this causes me to return to my
 original life in my home world (a la Tacroy, I suppose), then I'm
 the worse. If I die permanently, at least I'm not stuck here any

 So I jumped, and hit the water, and woke up.



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